Women’s Temple is a monthly online group for embodiment practices, explore the deep feminine and receive empowered wellness coaching for your healing and transformation. We meet on Zoom the 2nd Saturday of each month 10 am to 12:30 pm (PDT). Please enter your contact information on the form below to register.  On June 1st we will send you a payment link. Your 1st month is free and thereafter $111 per month. You can cancel your subscription at any time. I look forward to growing with you and see you on June 11th!






Sacred Circle

There’s something women are here to do thru their bodies that IS the medicine for the world

Birthing Spirit back into matter, density, the world

Truth, Desire, Empowered Vision & Voice

Being in our bodies as Devotion to Life

The body, as woman, as vessel

SHE returning Soul to the world

Resting, Receiving, Nourishing

Melting, Uncovering, Unlocking

Not idea, belief or story

Right here, right now

In service to Life

Not religious

In the body

In devotion

To the One


We are here now, We are One

In light of wars, destruction, famine and suffering on the planet today, I feel particularly drawn to support the return of the Goddess and her wisdom to reign empowered, sovereign and free. I feel there is a feminine wisdom and grace that will only come thru women at this time and I deeply want to support HER emergence and spiritual leadership on Earth today. This has nothing to do with gender identity or politics, but with the wisdom medicine of deep feminine energetics. This container is for any human that identifies as woman and wants to birth her Soul into the world. This work is a compilation of wisdom & modalities from the last 24 years of work facilitating and helping others’ heal. I bring my heart, soul and mission to this container wholeheartedly for you to feel deeply supported to stretch, reach deep within and grow from the inside out. This is about your transformation as we all recalibrate to an expanded Soul Self and help our planet heal.


What You’ll Receive:

Discover Your Mad Love Affair With Divine Mystery

Move from Stuck/Survival to Growing/Thriving

Heal Yourself Thru Embodiment Practice

Develop Honoring Healthy Boundaries

Embody High Level Leadership

Bring the Goddess back online

Be Part Of A Sisterhood Circle

Activation of Higher/True Self

Heal Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Activate Your Inner Goddess

Cultivate Joy & Nourishment

Free Your Empowered Voice

Build Emotional Intelligence

Empowerment Coaching

Root, Ground & Restore

Return to Source & Soul

Uncover Soul Purpose

Womanhood Initiation

Embodiment Practice

Feminine Energetics

Self Healing Journey

Power Reclamation

Live Vibrantly Alive

“I thought I’d let you know I’ve been in pure joy all day. I’ve never felt this before. I feel like I woke up……physically, emotionally & spiritually. What a relief, to feel great all the way around! I was in an unhappy place before Temple! It feels like I’m in Gods Grace for the first time ever.” Kathleen G.

“Melanie creates a safe and sacred space for deep healing and community connection while also transmitting potent messages of love and wisdom.” Kelly T.

“Attending Women’s Temple has helped me to move forward in my life with more creative inspiration and vitality!” Karen M.