About Us


At Healing Waves, we offer transformational practices to help you open, heal and connect for a life to thrive in. We are either opening to more life or defending against it. When our nervous system defends and protects, due to accumulated stress, we can be stuck in fight or flight mode for decades. We offer modalities and practices to help you unwind your spine, release tension from your body and open to become more adaptive to stress.

To begin your journey with us, we invite you to experience our unique approach to spinal care that will transform your life, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Dr Melanie has been practicing chiropractic for 25 years and is very skilled at bringing you on this life changing journey of deeper connection to your bodymind. You will discover how your specific nervous system (AKA human operating system) is wired and organized and “how you do you”. Building new strategies in your body to unwind, release and open to greater potential awaits.

In addition to your spinal care, we offer highly skilled practitioners for therapeutic massage. Sessions will help your body release tension so you can feel more connected and grounded for ease and peace of mind.

Dr. Melanie has a passion for helping to empower women in her women’s circles called Women’s Temple since 2012. She offers live and monthly online groups throughout the year.

Lastly, we offer Breathwork and Sound Healing workshops to further enhance your deepening of healing. These are powerful modalities to help your nervous system open and release for you to transform and awaken to all that you are.

We have spent more than two decades mastering many techniques, approaches and methods to help heal ourselves as well as to support others in healing their bodies, transforming their minds, and aligning with their highest purpose. When we opened Healing Waves Wellness Center in 2003, we united our personal and professional visions so that we could make a difference in people’s lives through helping them experience greater health, happiness and harmony.

Helping others dissolve pain and tension in their bodies, shift mental patterns, and release emotional suffering has been our mission for many years. Enhancing the level of life fulfillment our clients experience has been our passion. During the years since we have opened Healing Waves, we have had the privilege of working with thousands of people, both in our private practice as chiropractors and in healing retreats around the world. Our professional experience has helped us to witness the incredible power of working with the spine and nervous system. The innate healing capacity that lives within each person continues to inspire us!

Studying Network Chiropractic since 1993, and being Network Practitioners for many years, has shown us that there are extremely subtle and effective ways to access this healing and transformational energy. Our clinical experience has allowed us to see that every single person can easily learn how to access this intelligence for themselves, and use it to not only improve their health but to enhance the level of clarity and life enjoyment they feel each and every day. In addition to learning from the brightest minds and leaders in the fields of chiropractic, health, healing, and wellness, we also bring our own extensive training in cutting-edge disciplines such as breath-work, somatic psychology, meditation, cognitive therapy and mind-body awareness to support quantum breakthrough experiences in our clients’ bodies and lives.

Our expertise is in helping people activate this inner wisdom. We offer hands-on sessions and teach simple, powerful ways people may gain greater access to, and mastery of, their own body, its energy and its intelligence. Magical transformation occurs. It is our deepest intention to empower our clients by showing them simple, potent tools designed to help them experience the power within and trust it as a guiding force for healing, for living, and for creating a life of purpose.