Therapeutic Massage

New Patient Massage and Chiropractic Offer: A One-Hour Massage, a Chiropractic Exam and Two Adjustments for Only $75

We place emphasis on bringing all patients to the ultimate state of wellness. With our team of highly skilled massage therapists your wellness experience is truly maximized.

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage include:
– Muscle tension relief and muscle spasm relaxations.
– Improved circulation of the blood and lymph system, thus enhances immune system function
– Promotion of faster recovery from surgery, injury and illness.
– Promotes the production the body’s natural painkillers to ease pain and soreness.
– Increases flexibility and joint movement and improves body mechanics and posture.
– Enhances general relaxation and stress reduction.
– Delivers a renewed sense of well-being.

1-Hour Massage $120

1.5 Hour Massage $180