Welcome to The Inner Wealth Program!

A 6 week program starting on Saturday February 4th 2023

When you drop in,

ALLLLLLLLL the way in,
You mine for the gold that has always been there.
You access that inner resource in your body that is highly intelligent,
And unlimited.
Inner wealth that expands into outer wealth,
This is how we become the wild co-creator manifesters
We Really Are.

What you’ll receive in INNER WEALTH:

  • Embodiment practices to regulate your Nervous system 
  • Inner child healing
  • Shadow work
  • Mindset work
  • Reprogram subconscious brain/patterns
  • Reorganizational Healing
  • Embodied release practices
  • Trauma release work

What we will cover in our 6 weeks together:

(All calls are Live on Zoom Saturdays 10am-12pm PST.
Replays available if you can’t be on any live calls)
Feb 4 Module/Week 1: Self Loving Sovereign You

Feb 11 Module/Week 2: The Worthy Wealthy Woman

Feb 18 Module/Week 3: Rewriting Empowered Stories

Feb 25 Module/Week 4: Remembering True Identity

Mar 4 Module/Week 5: Unleash Wild Desire

Mar 11 Module/Week 6: Lead with Soul Self & Source

The truth is, you have it ALL inside, and just need to go within 
to find HER and get access to your unlimited inner resource!

Resource of what, you ask?
To name a few: energy, wisdom, trust, peace, ease, joy, creativity, love, presence and 
so much MORE!
All personal development and healing comes to this:
Getting who and what you are on the inside,
To the outside,
To be of service to the world,
AND have the life you really want to be living!
Because the world needs ALLLLLL of YOU, now.
Especially now.
The more you find inside,
The more you manifest on the outside.
As women, we have deep subconscious programming that says:
I’m not worthy,
I’m not enough,
I’m not safe,
I’m hurt
I’m not loved
I’m too much
I don’t belong
I don’t have the resources I need
I don’t have the energy
I have to hide out and play small,
I’m broken
I’m ashamed
I don’t really deserve it
And I’m calling BULLSHIT on it ALL, right now!
You have the capacity to change.
Change your narrative, script, stories, identities, beliefs, thoughts and feelings.
To SEE beyond your own illusions.
To step into your power and CHOOSE.
Look in.
Face yourself head-on.
And do the actual work to learn, grow, release, change,
There’s a level of healing and release that is possible for you,
In a safe and deep container.
To Become the REAL you,
Raw, Real & Beautiful.
Higher self,
Soul Self.
SHE is in there.
You just have to go in and get HER!

Woman Shine

Woman Shine is transformational wellness coaching for women who want to unleash their True Self and Feminine Power through the applications of embodiment practices, transformational tools and wisdom.