Dr. Ian Chambers, Chiropractor

Ian-Headshot-300x279Dr. Ian has the keen ability to see a person or situation, understand the complex set of factors involved and the relationships affecting a person’s body, health and happiness. He is a master at being able to comprehend the various influences that make up a crisis or opportunity, and address the core issues through working with the body and mind in a way that creates an instant, palpable shift. His warm, direct, personal style produces a high level of trust and depth with his clients, which makes creating positive shifts and breakthroughs easeful and effortless.

After receiving a B.A in History and Sociology, Dr. Ian continued to study approaches in cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation, kinesiology and whole-brain, whole-body integration. He then went on to pursue his passion in studying the brain-body connection, and received a Doctor of Chiropractic degree Magna Cum Laude from New York Chiropractic College in 1998.

Over the last 15 years, Dr. Ian has continued to study, train and teach extensively with world-renowned masters in chiropractic, meditation, homeopathy and somatic psychology. From 2001 to 2010 he was a member of the international teaching staff for Network Chiropractic working at healing retreats and helping to train chiropractors and chiropractic students this leading-edge technique. He is recognized by his peers as a leader in the fields of body-mind healing, peak performance, wellness, and is an expert in facilitating personal and group transformation.

Dr. Ian lives in Santa Cruz, California with his wife Pamela and their two young children, where they also own and operate NeuroEnergetics Institute a international organization which works with high-level leaders, innovators, executives, their teams and their spouses to guide them through key transitions in their personal and professional lives.

“Ian Chambers is passionate, compassionate, understanding, self-directed and talented as well as an excellent practitioner and human being. He will “take you” to the next level of your healing journey with certainty and grace. I have enjoyed receiving this work from him and know you will too.”
Donny Epstein
Developer of Network Care

“If you are a high-performance instrument with sensitive tuning needs, Dr. Ian is a virtuoso.” Sheva Carr, CEO Fyera! Executive Director of The Fyera Foundation, Founding Director of Heartmath’s Heartmastery Program