Tamar Olivia

Tamar‘s first experience with her gifts was predicting a near fatal car accident at age 4, leaving her confused and afraid of her own intuition. In spite of a painful childhood she has achieved top level positions in the corporate world and is a loving mother of three. Certified in the art of pranayama and leading over 1000 individuals in breath sessions, she is now a top facilitator of The Breath Center. A bridgebuilder between Spirit and Earthly endeavors, Tamar’s goal is to help people navigate their own transformational process.

Tamar’s work accelerates your journey to assist you in realizing your individual genius. Utilizing ancient techniques in a gentle, kind manner, the breath work you will experience here is not widely known. It is a method that does not create hyperventilation or re-traumatization and need not be forced or practiced with any level of strain. Clear obstructions and unnecessary attachments with ease and grace. Relax and feel your connection to creativity, wellness and Spirit blossom.