Dr. Pamela Stone Chambers, Chiropractor

Pamela-Headshot-300x273Dr. Pamela is gifted in her ability to see through to who you truly are. She has a healing touch and presence that will change your life. When Dr. Pamela puts her hands on your body, you feel tapped into an energy of love and healing that allows you to release tension, breathe easier, stand taller, and feel more joy. Her passion is to work with people who are ready to free up old, stuck energy and tension and to feel more ease in their bodies and lives. She celebrates even small steps toward greater flexibility, reduced stress, and improved posture.

What inspired Dr. Pamela to do this work is how profoundly transformative Network Care has been in her life. She says, “When I first learned about Network Care, I shied away. It seemed strange and far-out. However, something about the philosophy kept calling to me. With Network Care, we are working 100% with the intelligence of the body, helping the master communication system of the body (the central nervous system) do the work it’s meant to do. All the healing power we could ever need is right inside our own bodies! Once I had the courage to get on the table and experience this gentle, powerful work, I was amazed at how such light touches to the spine create such massive changes in breath, posture, ease of movement, life energy, and well being. When I get up from the table after an entrainment, I feel very noticeably different…softer, taller, happier, and more energized. Network Care has been the most profound healing work I have ever experienced.”

Tools gathered from many years of practice in the areas of whole-body learning, spiritual fulfillment, vibrant health, energetic healing, and relationship success are at play when Dr. Pamela works with clients. She deeply honors her training with mentor and teacher, Dr. Donny Epstein, from whom she has learned so much about how best to assist in freeing-up the central nervous system and the liberate the innate wisdom within each of us.

Dr. Pamela is a native Californian and, after graduating from Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in 1996, eventually found her way back to her home state. She and Ian, her partner in life and in practice, chose Santa Cruz as their new home town in 2003 and opened Healing Waves Wellness Center. With two young children at home, Dr. Pamela has had her hands full these last few years! And, she is thrilled to be back in the office again part-time.

“Dr. Pamela’s knowledge is profound and her touch, exquisite. Her ability to empower others toward freedom in their bodies, minds and hearts is potent. Under her care, not only have I experienced more vitality in my body, but in every facet of my life.” Janet Stone, international yoga teacher and designer www.janetstoneyoga.com

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