Ayah Buonaugurio

Ayah Buonaugurio has been teaching Hatha Yoga, advocating women’s health, studying indigenous healing modalities and body somatics for over 18 years. With 450hrs certified SomaVeda Thai Massage & Integrative Wellness Therapies, 110 hrs Spirit Winds Thai Massage School. She’s collected over 350hrs as a yoga instructor. Ayah is an ordained “Ley Minister ” of ONACS (Native American Church) as well as  spiritual minister through the FOI (fellowship of Isis).  Ayah has creatively infused a lifelong path of apprenticing in healing arts into her passion for therapeutic movement and health. She coaches others to develop  practices that suit their individual lifestyle needs while inspiring strong inner body awareness and connection to spirit. Ayah currently offers classes, workshops as well as bodywork services in Santa Cruz, California.